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Metamorphosis 2

Ovid Works

Established and wide-audience genres

"Metamorphosis 2" invites players into a captivating adventure where Kafka's intriguing world meets the reality. Here, you don't just play a game; you step into the shoes (or rather, the antennae) of an insect, navigating a rich interactive story brimming with unique challenges and philosophical depth. It's a game where your choices stitch together a narrative tapestry, blending surreal experiences with gameplay that evolves right before your eyes.

Insect life and Bugworld: Players experience the Metamorphosis 2 world from the perspective of an insect

Diverse Gameplay Mechanics: Character upgrades, combat and environmental "puzzles".

Interactive Level Environments: the game setting includes a mix of 'human' levels (like apartments), Bugworld institutions, and abstract levels (inside of a painting)

Psychological and Philosophical Depth: The game goes beyond entertainment, offering a deeper, philosophical experience that encourages players to ponder existential themes.

Metamorphosis 2
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