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Veska Games

Enchanting and experimental genres

We're creating a game that uniquely combines fun with practising basic math operations and is suitable for families or kids. Set in a fantasy world of flying islands, players start from a home base and undertake various missions, from combat to treasure defending and growing plants, supported by small yet brave companions, Manabies. Both online and offline modes offer quick, engaging gameplay.

The game integrates combat with learning, using math to defeat enemies, while the learning algorithm adapts to the progress of each player. It features fast-paced battles, magical pets, and crafting.

Targeted at kids aged 6-12, the game emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. Multiplayer is designed to maintain player interest.

Our marketing focuses on parents, promoting educational value and the opportunity to spend quality time with their kids.

We aim to have secured financing by August 2024 and release a mobile game in Q4 2025, with plans to expand to the Switch.

Current art is provisional.

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