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Liberec, Grandhotel Zlatý Lev
8th May 2024

Pitching Session

A Chance to kick-off Your Game
8 May 2024

Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your game to a panel of experts who can offer valuable feedback and potentially foster future collaborations and participate in chance to win valuable prizes. Up to 12 projects, divided into two categories, will be selected for the chance to present their game at the Game Pitch Arena. The Pitching Session will take place on Wednesday, May 8th, as part of the Anifilm International Festival of Animated Films and is organised by Cyber Sail Consulting.

The Conference


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A panel of invited experts from both the Czech Republic and abroad. These seasoned professionals bring their invaluable perspectives to the table, quickly identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each project. Whole board will be announced shortly.


Mikoláš Tuček

The whole event will be hosted by Mikoláš 'Tukan' Tuček. The seasoned gaming journalist professional known from Re-Play, New Game+ or legendary Game Page.


© Lukas Wagneter / Red Bull Content Pool


Every team stands a chance to win valuable rewards for their project. A panel of distinguished experts will be responsible for selecting and distributing the prizes across various categories, based on the merit of the games. The awards will be presented during the Anifilm 2024 ceremony.

Prize pool

Five euro note close-up_edited.jpg

Prize pool money

10 000 €

By PPF Foundation


Internet connection one year for free

By O2 Czech Republic

Lady Justice._edited.jpg

Legal services

1000 €

By Mavericks


Arcade Game Joystick


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